Cannot close long position

Trying to close an ETH Long position. It just keeps telling me transaction failed. When I try to view error it fills up the whole screen and the page has to be reloaded in order to get out of it. Please help. I just want to close my position and not incur a loss.

Hi Walford, this Governance forum isn’t really suited to this type of tech support question. It’s better to come to Telegram or Discord for that.

What you should try is:

-Restart your browser
-Reload the GMX dApp
-Clear cache, and reconnect your wallet.

Those solutions often fix these temporary issues.

If that doesn’t solve it, select a different RPC provider from to add to your wallet. And see if the problem persists if you use a different browser or OS platform.

And DO NOT engage with anyone claiming to be GMX Support team in private messages or in replies, who asks you to connect your wallet on some obscure website.

Scammers lurk even on this Governance forum, unfortunately.