Liquidation issue

Hi I lost my entire ethereum wallet on a long call contract because when the contract hit the liquidation mark it didn’t close the contract. It went way past it and turned my account negative and then it arbitrarily closed the contract at a price that cost me everything. The price rebounded within minutes to above the liquidation mark.

I’m in touch with Eric on Telegram about this.

Hi Jonezee, Great Job with V2—it’s a rock-solid. I also had a very similar issue for a substantial amount—wiped out going 4x past negative and poof. I am a long time and loyal GMXer. It would be great to see what happened and better understand it, as I felt trapped. Looking forward to GMX’s next steps. hear hear

Hi Jonezee, I understand the liquidation issue that happened it just really sucked and I didn’t want to believe I had just lost 30,000 in one swoop especially because the price dip dropped so fast but it also shot back up it didn’t close when I was negative but once I was almost over the liquidation price it arbitrarily executed. If it waited 10 seconds longer I would have had atleast a few rhiuchxand dollars left atleast. Intestead after being under the liquidation price for atleast a min or two it executed and left me with nothing had it waited maybe a minute longer I’d have been above the liquidation price and not lost any where near 30. But I learned and moved on.

Last night I was in a positive position and executed a close order twice and I thought it closed however it failed and then a violent price change began. So instead of making profit it wouldn’t close the positio until it hit the liquidation price! I found this to be unfair since I tried several times to close the position. I even tried before the violent price swing. It didn’t cost me 30,000 dollars but it did cost me to lose money instead of make it and prevented me from stopping it!

The trades show me placing the order and then it says order cancelled. Upon looking at the cancelled trade on arbiscan it said “ although one or more Error Occurred [execution reverted] Contract Execution Completed. But it wasn’t completed??

Hi Eric, could you please contact one of the mods in the main GMX Telegram channel or the GMX Discord (Like Tano, KR or Seraph) and provide them with the transaction details? We will do our best to figure out what happened and what can be done to prevent it from happening in the future.

There’s no way to fix what happened though? Because instead of closing out at a profit it closed at a huge loss