XVIX / Gambit Migration

When the GMX DAO was formed there was an allocation of up to 6 million GMX tokens to support the migration of XVIX and Gambit community into GMX. With both the migration window and subsequent migrations at total of 5,745,462 GMX tokens have been utilized for this purpose.

It is proposed that the migration window for XVIX and Gambit now be closed on the successful completion of a 7 day snapshot vote. Having supported the migration for over two years and an over 95% conversion rate, the goals set out have clearly been completed.

Ending migrations will also mean less technical and administrative overhead as the work continues to harden GMX governance with greater token holder taking on more direct control over the process, rather than utilizing delegation to contributors and admins to perform such activities for them.

This proposal has no prior technical dependancies and can be implemented with immediate effect.


The information, content, and materials provided in this proposal or associated governance discussion are for general informational purposes only and do not constitute financial or investment advice, nor a legally binding agreement.

Note that discussions and voting involving contributors may occur on GMX DAO social media platforms, but contributors are independent actors, and nothing discussed or proposed should be understood as an obligation for an individual contributor to act.

Please conduct your own research and consult with appropriate professionals before making any decisions based on the information provided in this proposal or any associated discussions.


Thank you for the update.

When tokens are migrated is the corresponding GMX minted on demand?

I guess the better question is, what is to become of the remaining ~255k GMX that were earmarked for migration?

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Feels like it is time.

Is there any excess token based on what is left over? Was curious.

Yes these are minted on demand when a migration occurs

The remaining tokens are part of the GMX treasury and can be allocated by the DAO.


yes there was approximately 255k tokens less than the maximum potential claim, this is primarily on account of people choosing to exit and not participate in the migration.