Add Trigger to Swap function

I propose to add a trigger to the swap functionality. This would allow spot traders to set a threshold to move in or out of different assets based on whatever margin they are comfortable trading at.

I think that makes sense, will add it to our task list, thank you for the suggestion

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How is a trigger different than a limit order? Sorry, if Iā€™m missing something.

a limit would be e.g. if the ETH is $2000, and a limit order to swap 1 ETH for 2100 USDC, so it would be executed when the price of ETH increases, a trigger would be to swap 1 ETH for 1950 USDC if the price of ETH reaches $1950, if it were a limit it would be filled immediately but if it is a trigger it would be filled only if the price reaches that value

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Thank you for the clarification!