Advancing Together: <> NOW Solutions

Hello GMX Team,

I’m Paul, a member of the NOW Solutions team, which offers a suite of services including ChangeNOW, NOWPayments, NOW Wallet, and NOW Nodes.

We’ve been keenly observing the advancements made by GMX and excited to announce that we now support GMX on both Arbitrum and Avalanche C-Chain in our ChangeNOW service. This integration allows for seamless exchange of GMX, making it more accessible to users worldwide, as well as a fiat on-ramp. Moreover, GMX is also available for secure storage and swaps in our NOW Wallet.

We’re enthusiastic about exploring potential areas of collaboration that could mutually enhance our services, including co-marketing, liquidity provision, and others.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Paul from ChangeNOW


Hi Paul, thanks for integrating the GMX token, much appreciated. I looked for a tweet announcement on the Changenow Twitter to RT but didn’t directly find it. Feel free to contact me on Telegram at @Jonezee to share an announcement with me, and we’ll do our best to fit it in the content queue and amplify for the GMX community.