ARB distribution

It will be unfair to distribute ARB only among GMX and GLP stakers, users should also receive their share, I propose to distribute the received ARB in equal shares for:

Stakers GMX 25%
Stakers GLP 25%
Users 25%
Treasury 25%

By spreading 25% of user ARBs over 365 days and allocating a fixed amount to reward users based on their trading volume, then users would have more incentive to trade on days when trading volume is low, thus maintaining trading volume on days when it is insufficient.

GMX and GLP stakers are also required to receive tokens throughout the year, so GMX and GLP yields increase for the whole year, which encourages stacking more GMX and GLP


Lets try to keep the Arb token discussion concentrated in one thread, otherwise the forum gets unnecessarily messy.

That said, appreciate your input.

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