Proposition about Arb Staking to increase GMX token attractiveness

Arbitrum tokens are now staking-less.

A way to incentivize GMX token value is proposed here :

  • Open a staking pool for the ARB token to farm MPs at a 1/2 rate (in terms of $ value).

  • These MPs will remain inactive unless you purchase GMX to activate them, with a 200% cap.

This approach would allow every ARB holder to have a staking option and increase visibility for the GMX token

To answer any concern about MP dilution, it wont add any since only staking GMX token will activate those MPs at the same cap.

How would staking ARB be giving any benefit to the GMX protocol?

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I think it’s a way better idea to incentivise activities that benefit GMX as a whole than just staking ARB and buying GMX.

Something like:
-Adding liquidity
-Trading on GMX
-Referring new users using referral links