Blast Big Bang competition participation - Deploy GMX V2 on BLAST

BLAST announced the Blast Big Bang competition today and is looking for participants in various categories including PERP dexes, SPOT dexes and others.

Winning teams / protocols will be awarded with “The LARGEST individual allocation of the Blast Airdrop to date “”…”" Use the Blast Airdrop to incentivize growth for your dapp on the Blast Mainnet and gain an edge over competitors."

For more information about the competition see:

With this, I propose to participate in the completion with the goal to deploy GMX V2 on BLAST.

Growth and utilisation of GM pools clearly demonstrate the ability of the protocol to attract TVL and sustainably utilise this liquidity for decentralised leverage trading. Furthermore, the ongoing STIP on Arbitrum shows the strength of incentives used in a sustainable measure to bootstrap liquidity needed to trade with deep liquidity on GMX.

A potential expansion to BLAST and initial liquidity bootstrapping will be key to achieve similar success on BLAST and will eventually lead to an extended GMX user base.

This extension will be beneficial for protocol growth, revenue for GMX stakers and people looking for exposure on BLAST.

Finally, a BLAST GM pool will allow for muted LP exposure and deep on-chain liquidity.

Looking forward to the discussion .


(is it me, or are there too many blockchains…)


I’ve linked my thoughts on this from the other chain proposal at the bottom of my reply but it remains the same. Arbitrum is a big enough chain to where it doesn’t matter much to deploy on new chains unless it gives traders an unparalleled trading experience (in the long run this matters but in the short run the ux matters more).

Things that matter way more

  • Efficient asset listing with safe risk parameters for LPs and traders (measured by how quickly we can choose → list new assets and whether or not there is relatively balanced OI)
  • Better trading UX so that traders can rest assured they won’t get screwed and they can more easily set parameters for their trades (pre-order TP/SL and trailing stops ie advanced order management)

Once assets become easy to list and that becomes turnkey and the ux becomes on par with a cex, we can think about running roughshot over new chains. And at this point I think we’re probably better off either creating a roll-app (as it brings more utility to the gmx token) or extending to Solana since the perps competition over there is just “ok” and we’d actually be reaching for an expansion of users (unlike just expanding to another L2). But again, this is a future discussion, not now.

Edit: this reply goes for basically any new chain until the team/gmx shows the ability to rapidly list new assets on a CEX-like experience. Bring awesome everywhere, don’t bring good everywhere as we’ll never dominate.


gmx supports blast tradao data will be supported immediately

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Agree and disagree, it really depends on lead time for new pools. I’m not excited for BLAST, I think SOL or BNB would be a better option, though I have no idea what sort of dev time is available or currently being used given the anon status of GMX.


If the lead time for new pools isn’t great, then deploying new pools on a new chain is going to be a nightmare. If we want hope for better deployments in the future then current asset updates need to be more turnkey.

If we wanted to do Sol we’d have to re-write the entirety of the protocol, or hope to god that compiling solidity to solana programs…which there’s just no way it’s plug and play like that for something with a complex architecture. At that point we’d need to hire probably 2 developers to do that. But also, if we’d be deploying on a faster chain, there’d need to be new design considerations over the model and whether there’s a better model for that new chain ala mixed order book / amm model.

But regardless, I can’t see a new chain making any sense until we

  • improve asset listing cadence / substantially re-work it
  • bring on another set of developers where one of them has the arch/design prowess somewhat coming close to X so that speed of development isn’t bogged down by X needing to so bogged down

I can see why people would rather concentrate on Arbirum/Avalanche networks and deploying more assets first. I do think that if we are going to move to another chain the likes of blast would be a better option than a long established chain imo plus free money is free money so I think it could be a good move

These are all valid points, I lean the same way.