Micro grant application <> Link TOADS wants to help educate the masses on GMX!


Applicant Name or Alias: Flannel Handler

Project Name: Link TOADS

Project Description: Link TOADS is a DAO structured Chainlink Community NFT project that aims to be an embodiment of all the best aspects of Chainlink Marine culture. It’s community is comprized of dozens of known OG Marines and highly motivated newcomers that all share a single trait: A love for Blockchain and Chainlink. It’s goal is to spoonfeed the masses on everything Chainlink(ed) and help grow the ecosystem. “We are here to help” is our motto.

Team Members and Qualifications:

As mentioned we are a DAO, so essentialy “we are all in this together” and do not have a set hierarchy. All initiatives are handled by individual Generals within the DAO. I myself am FlannelHandler: Class of '18 Link Marine and now an LTOAD General, currently focussed on BD, managing campaigns and Spaces, and high-level organisation of the DAO.

Website: Ltoad.com
Twitter: @Ltoadnft

We are applying for a Micro Grant.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @ltoadnft or @loverplaid

Email: linkmarinetoads@gmail.com


We are suggesting a $10k in $ARB grant to be made available to the LTOAD DAO, for the purpose of running two educational campaigns, accompanied by several introductionary Spaces where we spotlight how the GMX works and how it leverages Chainlink products. 87.5% of the $ARB would be made directly available to community members that participate in these campaigns, 12.5% would be used to cover expenses in running the campaigns.

This full amount in $ARB would be put towards running two one-week-long Postmint campaigns, spread over two months. More details on what this entails below.

Funding Address: 0xfE6D28cE3b1fb87e1cE3Cd237E3a8Eb59A9267F1 (TOADAO Multisig)

Funding Address Characteristics: Onchain Den 5/9 multisig

Distribution Contract Address: 0xfE6D28cE3b1fb87e1cE3Cd237E3a8Eb59A9267F1 (LTOAD Postmint campaign deployment wallet).


Link Toads use their community’s reach for two things primarily:

  • Organizing Educational Spaces on Chainlinked projects and topics.
  • Organizing Postmint campaigns, where community members are rewarded in crypto for creating educational content on specific Chainlinked topics, via set guidelines.

The former need little explanation, we’ve so far hosted dozens of Spaces with the likes of Truflation, Thales, Stake.link, several Chainlink node operators, Brickken, Blueberries, Zaros Finance and many more.

The latter works as follows.

Postmint.xyz as a platform allows us to create campaigns where community members that hold our NFT are able to submit posts they’ve created on Twitter. These posts must adhere to the subject and guidelines as laid out within the campaign brief. At the end of every epoch, posts are algorithmically scored based on impressions and interactions, but also manually on adherance to campaign brief and quality of the submitted content.

Once scoring is complete, contestants can claim their prizes (in any ERC-20 we choose) via a smart contract.

Some examples of our past campaigns can be found here:

We as DAO generals guide this process by helping people in content creation, hosting Spaces on the topic hand and driving engagement to the created content.

So far, our campaigns generate a Cost Per Impression that ranges between $0.006 and $0.015. What makes our concept much more interesting than traditional initiatives -apart from the very favorable CPI- is that it directly rewards community members for creating educational content.

  • These campaigns result in hundreds of organic posts being created by actual community members.
  • Those posts lead to thousands of organic interactions. No bots or artificial engagement, but actual web3 community members from numerous subgroups within CT discussing GMX and Chainlink.
  • The campaigns reward the actual people creating the content. The TOADAO does not profit. We are only here to facilitate.
  • Campaign creators control the guidelines on what content is being created.


Educate the masses on GMX, drive engagement and further highlight their relationship to Chainlink and how they use the Chainlink product suite. This is achieved by hosting Spaces and running two one-week-long campaigns on those subjects, rewarding the community via the $ARB received in the proposed grant.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Number of posts submitted and scored.
  • Generated impressions.
  • Generated interactions.

How will receiving a grant enable you to foster growth or innovation within the GMX ecosystem?:

87.5% of the grant will be used to directly reward community members creating content on GMX and Chainlink cooperation.

12.5% will go to fees to use the Postmint platform and to account for managing costs (running and managing campaigns including hosting Spaces etc. averages at around 10 hours per campaign, for two campaigns totalling out at 20 hours spent).

Justification for the size of the grant: We’ve found there is a direct corelation between the size of the available campaign purse and the levels of pariticipation of a campaign. $5K per campaign would allow us to set up a reward scheme that makes the top prizes worth competing for, while also allowing a relatively large number of paid spots at the bottom, incentivizing smaller accounts to compete in the lower rankings while still getting a decent reward.

Execution Strategy:

  • Ideally intial campaign would start mid to late January (as we are currently booked full until then). LTOADS and GMX team members to convene on the prefered focuspoints during the campaign brief.
  • LTOADS would organize a Spaces before the initial campaign with GMX team members (candidates to be supplied by GMX at their convenience) where we educate on GMX and Chainlink’s cooperation and product suites. This will be proceeded by an introductionary call with your’s truly to determine talking points.
  • Shortly before the initial campaign, and second Spaces is held where we introduce our community to the campaign guidelines and give tips on content creation.
  • During the campaign, LTOAD generals constantly guide participants in content creation where needed.
  • After campaign conclusion, resulting metrics (KPI’s) are shared with GMX.

Rinse and repeat the above for the second campaign, preferably started late February.

Grant Timeline and Milestones: All described above.

Fund Streaming: To run these campaigns, funds should be delivered to the DAO wallet or Postmint deployer wallet in two portions, one for each campaign. Campaign purses must be supplied to the Smart Contract at the latest two days the campaign goes live, but also no sooner than five days before the campaign goes live.


Protocol Performance:

Results to date:


This comes down to almost 2 million organic impressions generated with under $13,000 in funds (based on the value of the rewarded tokens at the times campaigns were ran) spent. The full $13,000 was rewarded to actual web3 aommunity members for their activities in the campaigns.

Full page here:

SECTION 5: Data and Reporting

The Postmint platform offers complete insight into campaign results, example from a previous campaign here. All campaign results are publicly available as well, example here.

Is your team prepared to create Dune Spells and/or Dashboards for your incentive program?: All reporting will be done via Postmint’s internal reporting.

Does your team agree to provide bi-weekly program updates on the GMX Forum thread?: Yes! We always give refgularly updates to our partners moving towards and during educational campaigns.

Does your team acknowledge that failure to comply with any of the above requests can result in the halting of the program’s funding stream?: Yes


This is such a great platform/idea! Make it happen!

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Looks very beneficial for GMX and the LTOADS. Make it happen.

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Hey, thanks for submitting the application, but unfortunately, the grants committee will be rejecting the application because we cannot fund education projects based on the STIP rules

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Clear enough! Thanks for the reponse!

Kind regards, Niels

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