Pear Protocol Grant Bi-Weekly Update

I. Executive Summary:

a) Roadmap Progress:

Removed the cap on trading sizes and added new testers to our beta for additional feedback. We have also started our private audits.

b) Milestone/KPI Achievements: Initial work on incorporating GMX V2 has begun alongside the design of our rewards/incentives dashboard. We have asked GMX team for some parameters around $ARB liquidity emissions.

c) Dune Dashboard is being developed during our beta - the link is here -

II. Current Progress:

We have some basic structure and contracts that interfaces GMX V2 with first step being to open a long trade in V2.

Reward Dashboard Design has been finalised and we are starting to implement this into the trading app.

III. Community Engagement:

We are continuing to update our community regularly via Discord & Twitter.

IV. Partnerships and Collaborations:

Nothing additional at this stage.