Re-enable shorting for LINK and UNI

With the latest update to remove the 1.5% rule we have also enabled caps for short positions on Arbitrum, since this is available, we propose to re-enable shorting for LINK and UNI with caps of $1 million for LINK and $500k for UNI.

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Yes please!! I’m a perma bull, but if the bears want to short, let’s go!

1 mil and 500k caps look even a bit modest
2 mil and 1 mil, respectively, is not too much of a risk

Re-enabling shorting on LINK/UNI would be great.

@xdev_10 How did you come up with the figures for LINK and UNI? $1 million and $500k for them, respectively. Furthermore, are those the caps for total amount of liquidity available for shorting or the caps for individual short position sizes? I’m assuming it’s the former but just wanted to be clear.

it would be the cap for the total amount of liquidity, the caps are conservative based on the aggregate liquidity across other exchanges, LINK is a bit more liquid than UNI

that’s possible as well, will re-check the liquidity numbers