Failure to execute close of position

Last night I was in a positive position and executed a close order twice and I thought it closed however it failed and then a violent price change began. So instead of making profit it wouldn’t close the positio until it hit the liquidation price! I found this to be unfair since I tried several times to close the position. I even tried before the violent price swing. It didn’t cost me 30,000 dollars but it did cost me to lose money instead of make it and prevented me from stopping it!

The trades show me placing the order and then it says order cancelled. Upon looking at the cancelled trade on arbiscan it said “ although one or more Error Occurred [execution reverted] Contract Execution Completed. But it wasn’t completed??

It reads like your acceptable slippage or price impact (V2) was too tight on your user settings and therefore when trying to execute it fell outside of acceptable parameters and was reverted.

Trying to hit Close on this position, order and error enclosed. Kind of frustrating when you can’t get out!

Order Ticket and Error screen shots enclosed, can someone advise on how to close the position out, don’t want to see a levered position go from a profit into a loss.