GMX Python SDK Grant Bi-Weekly Update (2)

GMX Python SDK Grant Bi-Weekly Update

Date: 27-12-23

I. Executive Summary:

  • Refactoring of all scripts underway, incl design and creation of “Orders” Class
  • Implemented threading to reduce latency on multi contract reads
  • Additional tasks were added and completed, including querying latest borrow rate, funding rate, gm token price, and utilisation

a) Roadmap Progress:

A rough and expanding guideline of required scripts can be found here, with status of each denoted:

This is not an exhaustive list and is being continually updated as new requirements are made.

b) Milestone/KPI Achievements:

Currently Milestones 2 & 3 are being addressed. The implementation of the encompassing “Orders” Class will take the isolated 3 scripts for increase/decrease/swap orders and combine into one easy building block for users to use at their whim. This is expected to be completed come the next bi-weekly review.

c) Dune Dashboards - n/a

II. Current Progress:

The last 1-2 weeks saw the implementation of:

  • First formatting and linting based code review completed
  • get GM token prices
  • get borrow APRs
  • get funding APRs
  • get Utilisation
  • Implemented threading - As multicall python packages are not compatible with the latest version of web3py threading has been used when multiple onchain calls are required. This will require a higher rate limit on the users RPC
  • allow output of [read] data to be saved to csv

III. Community Engagement:


IV. Partnerships and Collaborations: