GMX Python SDK Grant Bi-Weekly Update (Final)

GMX Python SDK Grant Bi-Weekly Update

Date: 06-03-24

This last 2 weeks saw:

  • Implementing withdraw/deposit to LPs functionality
  • Public version of the repository has been released
  • Public PyPi package has been released.
  • Extensive review of underlying scripts has been completed, with thorough docstrings, commenting, and accompanying readme.

As of this update, all milestones have been completed. Some demonstrations of the scripts in action can be found on vimeo.

Overview on what has been delivered:

  • Ability to read stats on chain, incl but not limited to open interest, funding rates, borrow rates, open positions.
  • Building and executing transactions to increase & decrease positions, swap assets, and deposit or withdraw from GM pools.
  • A packaged version of the repository available for installation through the Python Package Index (PyPi). This will allow users to build and install the gmx-python-sdk package and its required dependancies with little management on the user side.
  • Commenting, docstrings, and thorough commentary on how to effectively use the SDK.
  • Example Scripts have been provide to demonstrate usage of the basic aspects of the SDK, but also providing some more in depth usage such as identifying funding farming opportunities and executing these, to estimating swap outputs from given tokens and amounts.


The process has been long but has allowed us to gain a deep insight into how the protocol operates. The assistance from the contributors and grant committee members has been unparalleled and greatly appreciated throughout the process. Interacting with the community to gain feedback and test has been an important aspect, and has been especially useful in identifying bugs and improving ux/ui.

As of the time of writing we are assisting two protocols with the implementation/integration of the SDK within their products.

The aim of developing the SDK was to enable users and protocols to interact with the GMX ecosystem and design strategies to drive on-chain activity using python, which is now possible. The SDK will continue to be maintained and improved over time as more feedback is gathered from the community and the contributors.


Thank you for the update

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