GMX Python SDK Grant Bi-Weekly Update (6)

GMX Python SDK Grant Bi-Weekly Update

Date: 21-02-24

I. Executive Summary:

Any users that are actively testing the SDK are encouraged to reach out to Telegram: Contact @snipermonke01 with feedback or to create pull requests.

a) Roadmap Progress:

A rough and expanding guideline of required scripts can be found here, with status of each denoted:

This is not an exhaustive list and is being continually updated as new requirements are made.

b) Milestone/KPI Achievements:

No change since previous update:

Currently Milestones 2 & 3 are being addressed.

c) Dune Dashboards - n/a

II. Current Progress:

The last 1-2 weeks saw implementation of:

  • work was done to improve general documentation throughout the codebase, but more specifically work was done on improving communication through the github ReadMe: gmx_python_sdk_beta/ at main · snipermonke01/gmx_python_sdk_beta · GitHub
  • investigating implementation of sphinx for automated documentation outside of a simple ReadMe on the repository
  • created a ConfigManger which will allow users to set config variables from within a script; this was at the request of a potential integration
  • created an example script to get estimated swap output for a given swap & amount
  • created an example script to demonstrate how to execute a swap

III. Community Engagement:

  • continued request for users to test

IV. Partnerships and Collaborations: