GMX <> Questly


Maximiliano Castello


Questly is a white-label quest hub. We’re building the next level of marketing experience for Web3 by gamifying community engagement.

Questly will allow you to:

  1. Concentrate your community in one place and put them to compete with different types of quests;
  2. Protect your data - our competitors sell your info and your user’s;
  3. Keep your brand. With similar tools, you’ll see the most time your holders spend on your project ends up being away from your brand.

It’s completely customizable. Let’s you to imprint your style in every moment of interaction.

Best part? We’ll build it for you. For free. No commitment.

Second best part? 1st month is free.

Goals & review


Keep users active with interactive challenges and activities.


Attract new users with enticing quests that boost sign-ups.


Boost sales and revenue by offering On-chain trade competitions.


Reduce churn by appreciating loyal users with rewards.


It seems ParaSwap could leverage reactivating past users. Since we built a product that efficiently reengaged 81% of the Clipper community, we thought you’d be interested in testing us out.

Especially for web3 projects that understand the importance of engaging their community. Other quest products can redirect your users to your competitor and still charge you for it. We want you to keep your community invested in your project long-term.

Implementation Overview

  1. Create a mockup for you.
  2. Have a meeting where we will show them the product and how it works.
  3. Create the type of competition you want.
  4. Invite your community and enjoy.

Other Considerations

We also offer other services such as:

  • Trading competitions.
  • In-House Quests.
  • Integrate another Quests Tools.


Website —

Twitter —

Telegram — @maxicastello

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Recently I see that I made the mistake of putting another company’s name instead of GMX, sorry for this! I was very overloaded and didn’t realize it. I’m sorry!

The Paraswap part was a bit puzzling, yes.

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Yes, I’m sorry, it’s very embarrassing for me. I wrote it and didn’t realize it. Anyway, if you want to consider the proposal that would be great. I think that from Questly we can build a community center for the reactivation and fun of its users. Anything, let me know, again I say sorry!

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.