Kunji Finance GMX Grant Proposal

About us

Kunji Finance is a social trading platform built on Arbitrum that solves the problems of millions of web3 users not proficient in trading by allowing them to copy the portfolio of traders seamlessly with full custody of funds. The platform is integrated with multiple spot and derivatives DEXes, offering hassle-free trading to traders. Traders can create multiple vaults on the platform and other users can copy their entire portfolio through 1 click deposits in the vaults. Kunji Finance not only helps the users with limited trading skills but also adds value to partner ecosystem through TVL and trading volume growth that comes from these new segment of users.

  • Development started in early 2023
  • Released beta on mainnet in Q4 2023
  • Integrated with Uniswap and GMX V2
  • Upcoming integration: Vertex, Hyperliquid and SubstanceX

Grant Description

GMX V2 is the primary perpetual DEX on the platform. We are requesting the grant to host a trading marathon on GMX. This proposal aims to foster the participation of GMX traders on Kunji’s platform.

The trading marathon will allow GMX traders to showcase their skills and earn rewards. We aim to organize this trading marathon with different rewards based on different metrics like volume traded, profit, diversification, activity and others.

Duration: 6 months

Total Reward: 50k USD

Grant Requested: 25k USD


Attract more traders and users who will copy their trades through GMX platform-based portfolios and contribute to the ecosystem growth of both Arbitrum and GMX.

Organize a trading marathon attracting 1,000 traders to create GMX-based portfolios for users to copy.

Reward: $50,000

With this trading marathon, we aim to increase volume and active users on the GMX platform. The grant amount will go as a reward with an additional amount of 25k USD from Kunji Finance.

Roadmap: We aim to achieve a TVL of $ 10 million by November through onboarding successful expert traders and integration with multiple DEXes notably Vortex, HyperLiquid, and SubstanceX by November.


  1. Structure the complete trading marathon and attract 1,000 traders to participate in it.
  2. Gain more traction with short-tailed reward programs and encourage traders to increase their activity

We aim to create unique experiences for traders trading on decentralized exchanges with an opportunity to create vaults on Kunji Finance and allow users to copy the portfolio. With GMX V2 integration, we have over 90 tradeable assets on the platform and we continue to release new features and integrations every week.

Previous Grants

We have received a grant by Arbitrum Foundation for user growth and we have already onboarded more than 5000 users on the platform


In support of this, Great project with an amazing Community, they’d sure do well

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