Intent based paradigm + GMX = ❓

Right now this is pretty strong paradigm shifting going on in defi space … which (yet) is not in the public eye, but it is being actively discussed behind the scenes and quite hot topic there at the moment. I speak about intent based approach to execute transactions.

If you not aware of that, please take a brief look here:

What are Intent Based Architectures?

Why Is DeFi Moving “off-chain” Towards an “Intent-based” Model?

Exploring the Rise of Intent-Based Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

So, I want to rise discussion in that context and ask the team behind GMX - does “we” (as a platform) ready for such coming changes in the space? And/or does GMX can/wanted to adopt this approach ?

@xdev_10 @Tano

Can you give an example of what Intent-based UX would look like on GMX, @russiamanbit ?