Proposal to Add Time Range to

I have two ideas for improving

Selectable Date Range

Now that we’ve been operating for almost a year, the daily timeframes are starting to get cramped. I suggest adding a date range picker to the top of so that we can zoom in on the charts. Another option would be to have past week|month|year|all time buttons.

Remove Outliers from Users Charts

The massive spike in users during Arbitrum Odyssey has made reading daily users difficult. It would also be nice if we could set the y-axis range on the users-related charts. A simpler change would be to manually set the y-axis upper-bound to let the couple anomalous days get cut off.


Great idea! Moving averages might also be helpful similar to: GMX -

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makes sense, we are working on a time range selector, but will forward this feedback to the stats devs as well

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