Vote on the Arbitrum Security Council

Hey GMX Blueberries,

The Arbitrum Security Council elections are currently running on the Aribtrum Foundation Tally.

This council is responsible for handling emergency and non-emergency tasks that are critical for the success of the Arbitrum blockchain, including upgrading and setting parameters on all the Arb smart contracts (!!)

More information on my thread on the Arb Security Council:

If no candidates receive enough votes from Arbitrum holders, then the Arbitrum Foundation selects the council themselves, without input from the DAO, Arb holders and users. As one of the largest holders and delegates of Arb, I think it is imperative that GMX weighs in on selecting security council members. The Arbitrum Foundation has given the users of the chain a true way to forge the path for the rollup. We should take advantage in all process of the governance steps, even the non-sexy, non-incentive votes.


Allow GMX’s Arb delegation to cast their votes for security council members. Please leave comments for recommended candidates to highlight.

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Thanks for calling attention to this important, but under the radar, part of how Arbitrum functions Prepop. Going to read up on it.

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