Proposal from BalancaDAO - AI Technology for GMX

We specialize in AI-based models for vault strategies, hedging and delta-neutral yield, and risk management, AI bots. We have huge experience with making AI Tools for traders, coming from traditional markets and crypto space.

Among other things, we have created an AI platform for traders. Balance ​​ is designed for every level of your trading experience. Some tools are useful for upcoming traders, and others are perfect for professional ones. Everyone can benefit from AI-generated knowledge and professional-grade tools.

What is unique in our product is a technology called - Voice. Thanks to it, a user gets an expert voice explanation of any of his or her open positions based on technical analysis, including specific indicators.

Our mission is to build and develop a safe crypto space.

Our Sample Tools In Action:

Voice Technology - 9

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Delta Neutral Hedging Strategy - Balance Dao - Delta Neutral Hedging Strategy. - YouTube 7

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Proposal for cooperation with GMX.

In response to the growing need for security and informed decision-making in transactions, GMX will stand out our innovative Voice technology. With this cutting-edge solution, users will can effortlessly access comprehensive technical analyses of any financial instrument of their preference with a single click. This distinctive tool not only enhances the overall user experience but also underscores GMX’s commitment to empowering its users with advanced knowledge in technical analysis.

Unlike other platforms, GMX will stand out by offering this exclusive feature, provide the platform with a good marketing advantage.

Voice Technology - 9